Dalasinfoniettans Anna Raihle och Christina Landén på en sommaräng i skymningFoto: Per Eriksson

Dalasinfoniettan, formed in 1988 and with 28 full-time musicians, is based in Falun in central Sweden and has a mission to cover the whole region of Dalecarlia with annual concerts in a variety of venues with repertoire spanning from baroque to contemporary music and jazz. Occasionally they also join forces with other orchestras to perform large-scale symphonic works, and sometimes the orchestra divides into smaller chamber ensembles.

Dalasinfoniettan regularly invites internationally acclaimed soloists and guest conductors such as Janine Jansen, Benjamin Schmid, Daniel Raiskin, Vilde Frang, Torleif Thedéen, Malena Ernman, Michael Schønwandt and Leif Ove Andsnes to perform with the orchestra. Since 2006 Dalasinfoniettan hosts the international chamber music festival Vinterfest.

Since the autumn of 2015, Daniel Blendulf is our Chief Conductor and Artistic Advisor.


About Musik i Dalarna

Musik i Dalarna is a regional music foundation with a mission. This mission, as well as most of the financing, comes from the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs and Region Dalarna. Our purpose is to support, stimulate and develop the musical life of Dalarna. Musik i Dalarna initiates, produces and promotes musical events all year around.

Musik i Dalarna works in two areas, the small Symphony Orchestra Dalasinfoniettan and Live music in schools.


Live Music in Schools

The goal of Live music in schools is to provide concerts to schools in the whole region with professional and pedagogical live artists. We do 140 – 150 concerts for around 15, 000 children and youngsters every year. The artists performing are mostly freelance artists with various musical background and genres.

We also encourage and support live music projects aimed towards young people. One project is International Exchange, folx. For example we work with Viljandi in Estonia where young folk musicians from Dalarna and Wales take turns and visit both countries for workshops, concerts and sessions.

Musik Direkt is a nationwide musical competition, the biggest in Sweden, open to all genres. The participants must be between 13 and 19 years old and appear live on stage. About 5, 000 young musicians play in Musik Direkt annually and the competition is arranged all over Sweden by the regional music institutions and the Swedish Concert Institute/Rikskonserter.



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